Theresa Beaudan

Founder and CEO

My passion for delivering high-quality healthcare began in the early years of my nursing career. I was interested in learning more about how hospital, ambulatory center, long-term care facility, clinic, and homecare services operated. I delved right into the trenches, in order to understand each strand of the healthcare ecosystem.

This experience gave me tremendous insights into what we do well, but also fueled my desire to radically improve quality of care, while addressing the issue of spiraling healthcare costs in developed countries.

After fifteen exhilarating years working as an emergency/trauma and primary care advance practice nurse across Canada’s urban and remote locations, I completed my MBA and developed an idea for the future of healthcare delivery.

This vision was fed by my experience at The George Washington University, where I completed my Master of Health Administration. It was time to turn my vision into reality. As I learned more about the vast potential of telemedicine and connected with healthcare practitioners and academics from around the world, I received invaluable feedback and encouragement to begin work on what became SISTRUM HEALTH.